Giuseppe and Valentina

Wedding reportage in Syracuse, Sicily, Italy 2018


Bullshit for the SEO.

Right at the beginning of the post I should write some bullshit just in the sake of the SEO. The problem is simple: I am not good at it and I just do not care. My language is based on images, so I will be stuck on it. So, I am not gonna write such thing as a lovely wedding reportage in Italy, shot by Italian Photographer. I am not gonna define myself a wedding photojournalist based in Italy. No, I am not gonna tell you the story about the bride and groom or some random phrases just to use bride dress , wedding details or wedding cake. Maybe It might be useful define talk about this amazing wedding in Syracuse Sicily , but I won’t do that.

Or maybe I just did it. Who knows. Let the images speak.


Photographers: Edoardo Morina, Valentina Di Mauro, Giacomo Scandurra